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All CSPP programs integrate coursework and practical experience. You'll choose from electives taught by experts and all are designed to develop multicultural competencies in the behavioral science professions.

CSPP students are smart, committed, service-oriented and independent. Collectively, CSPP students provide over one million hours of service annually to their local communities. Postdoctoral CSPP graduates provide an additional 450,000 hours of professional service in the United States in preparation for licensure. The contributions that CSPP students make to this nation are inspiring.

Field placements, practica and internships are often aimed at benefiting underserved communities. Students frequently engage in community-based projects that address real needs and issues in their surrounding communities.

Smart, Committed, Service-Oriented and Independent

Learn from Experience to Make a Difference

Every CSPP student immediately becomes part of a network of experienced professionals committed to using their professional skills to improve the lives of children, adults, families and organizations.

  • CSPP faculty members are leaders in their fields and serve as strong role models and professional practice leaders for students
  • Forming a network of over 16,000 graduates, CSPP alumni work as therapists, educators, advocates, policy-makers, supervisors, researchers, administrators and consultants in communities and organizations across the globe

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CSPP leads the way in building a diverse, and highly competent behavioral and mental health workforce for the new millennium

The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) professional family includes over 16,000 alumni working in schools, community clinics, medical centers, companies, courts, prisons and universities. They are therapists, educators, advocates, policy-makers, supervisors, researchers, administrators and consultants, strengthening the communities in which they live and work.

Experts in their respective fields, CSPP faculty integrate rigorous scholarship with hands-on training in a multicultural, international context. Since 1969, CSPP's successful professional practice model has prepared students for flexible professional careers—to make an immediate difference in their fields and in their communities.

Its long-standing tradition of superior education and training in graduate psychology includes accredited programs in Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Organizational Psychology. CSPP was the first professional psychology school in the US CSPP awarded more doctoral degrees in psychology to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics and American Indians than any other institution. Of the 2,025 enrolled students at CSPP (fall 2015), more than 38% reported racial/ethnic minority status, 12% international, 47% as white, and 3% unknown/declined to state

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APA Accredited

*Questions related to each CSPP Program's accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation.

The largest of the five schools at Alliant, CSPP embodies the university’s focus as a professional practice university in a multicultural and international context. CSPP has been recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise in and commitment to preparing behavioral science professionals to work effectively with diverse and multicultural populations. Faculty members are experts in their fields and strong role models for students.

CSPP programs integrate scholarship with professional practice. CSPP graduates understand what interventions are effective with people, organizations and also know how to implement and evaluate them.

CSPP Embodies the University’s Focus as a Professional Practice University

California School of Professional Psychology

1,000,000 HOURS

Alliant students contribute more than one million hours of community service each year as part of their professional education.

  • APA-accredited doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology
  • COAMFTE-accredited master’s and doctoral programs in Couple and Family Therapy
  • Master’s and doctoral programs in Organizational Psychology
  • Master’s program in Clinical Counseling
  • Master’s program in International Counseling Psychology
  • A national online postdoctoral master’s program in Clinical Psychopharmacology
  • International master’s, doctoral and cultural immersion programs in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Italy and India
  • Undergraduate psychology bachelor's degree program in San Diego

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